3 Tips to Keep Employees Safe at Work

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Work safety should be at the top of all employees list, if a company does not have the correct health and safety rules in place they could be in line for a huge fine or even worse they could have their business license revoked. As a owner there should be a correct structure in place if there is an incident that does happen, let us go into sharing 3 tips you can follow and help to ensure you keep your employees safe at work.

Provide Training

I can’t stress how important this is, always provide every employee training on how to use the machinery they will be using everyday. Employees should be given as much training as possible until they are comfortable using the machinery and they should always be refreshed with training every few months to ensure they are following the correct procedures.

Be sure to mark training tasks on paper so if regulators ask for training documents you can show them proof. Be sure to get signature of the trainer and employee to show that training has been done.

Find Leaders in your Team

In every workplace you have leaders that shine out and people look up to. Be sure to have them training team members to follow rules as they will be seen as influential and someone that the factory staff look up to compared to office staff. These team leaders can take the workload of your plate so you can focus on more important stuff.

Do Drills

it is important to do drills every so often to train the team if something was to go wrong. It is recommended to do drills every 6 months and have the entire workforce following these rules and drills in place. For example a drill regularly carried out is the fire drill where every employee is signed off when they leave the building.

Christmas Party Ideas

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Yes the most magical time of the year is almost here! This is the time where the whole team let their hair down, relax and become merry, as they have been working all year round for your business.

With Christmas work parties it can be a big task as you have people from all departments mingling and getting together, maybe people who have never talked to each other before meet for the first time and talk, this can be a little scary for everyone. But it’s all about breaking the ice and getting everyone together so here are some ideas to help you make this the best Christmas party of 2015.

Christmas Party 2015 Ideas

Is the first step to get everyone is in the Christmas office spirit is to send the entire workforce an email notifying that you are looking to throw a Christmas party and looking for ideas on venues and games to play. This is important as this increases the excitement at work and will get everyone talking and sharing ideas.

Plan Activities

Bowling? laser tag? even maybe quad biking? These are just some of the ideas you can get your team to share ideas about for the Christmas party. Ideally a Christmas party should not be just about sitting and eating and hearing the boss talk, but it should be centered around activities that can be done as a group to build the team spirit and get the team speaking and socialising.

After these activities are done it is best to have the big Christmas dinner and let everyone enjoy each others company and ease down. Let them relax, unwind have a couple of drinks and then it’s time to hit the dance floor. As the boss you should lead by example, get up and shake some moves to start of the team. Being casual and fun to be around will show the team your fun side which is great for the team to see as they can feel more comfortable approaching you in the workplace.

Fancy Dress I Here?

Christmas Fancy Dress

Christmas Fancy Dress

Why not theme the event? Encourage staff to dress up in their Christmas outfits, bring out those big stocky jumpers, or those get on those reindeer ears and get the team looking Christmasy. Maybe you can dress up like the 50s, 60s or 70s, it’s totally up to you.

Get feedback from your seniors and let them come up with the dress up theme they would like as it will get them in your team and they will feel valued.

Venue, Date, Time?

Right so you have the entire company knowing that there is a Christmas party? Check! You have a activity planned out, maybe bowling maybe a Cinema show? Check! You have the staff dressing up in fancy dress? Check! Now it’s time to to double check if everything is correct, to take the stress out for you on the big day:

Time of the day: Most parties are usually in the evening as that’s when people can relax and unwind without fearing that they must go shopping or they have to go to the garage. So get the date and time of the party written down.

Venue: The venue is really important! During Christmas venues get booked really quick, so I recommend that you sort out your venue booking early November if not late October, to avoid disappointment. If you are looking to go to the cinemas, be sure to book the tickets, if you are looking to go bowling, be sure to book the bowling alley!

Confirmation of Attendees: Planning a party to 5 people all the way up to 200 can be very stressful. You can either delegate the job to a senior staff member of hire a events coordinator to manage everything from start to finish. But be sure to get the number correct. When I used to do work parties I used to always book for 5 people extra as if other people do come unplanned. It is good to over book then to under book.

Dress Code: Write so the Christmas party is all set to go. You have everything planned out, the final thing to plan is the dress code. If it is smart or casual, or maybe fancy dress? Get this message out cold and clear so everyone knows and you don’t get last min call on the day or emails asking, what shall we wear?

Now you are all set! Make your Christmas 2015 party a party to remember and get the staff involved as well! Remember to drive safe and drink responsibly.

3 Tips on How to Motivate your Workers

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Keeping staff happy and staff morale high can be hard in any workplace. Keep staff working long hours can be hard especially in hard manual jobs that require tedious tasks to be carried out. How can you motivate a factory work to work a 9 to 5 job manufacturing frames for double glazing windows? We talked about recruiting the best factory staff and now we talk about how to keep your workers motivated and working hard everyday.


Praise Staff

Everyone loves a little bit of flattery, being told how good you are doing something or being told that you are being appreciated is a good feeling. Steve Jobs, the legend of Apple was a visionary and he believed staff should be praised frequently for their hard work. He believed people work better when they are told how well they are working, therefore why not try it yourself?

Praising staff costs nothing to the business and it can be a few simple words like “Hey Susan, great job yesterday on the call with X company, they were impressed with your pitch and are looking to place an order!” See how simple the praise is, you spot what the person has done well without them telling you and you praise accordingly.

Offer Benefits

Everyone loves something extra and if it’s for free who’s complaining? More and more companies are now offering employees incentives if they reach a certain target or if they are doing well at something. We can give an example about sales reps, if a sales rep selling hot tubs meets X amount amount of sales of hot tubs in a month, they may receive 20% commission extra on all sales, what this does is gives the employee an incentive to work harder to get more sales so they can get the lucrative incentive and the business benefits as well as they get more sales.

But it is important you are not too generous and don’t go overboard in offering benefits. You want to be fair in giving benefits, as long as they don’t decrease profits of the business should you introduce them.

Acknowledge Workers

This may seem obvious but when giving private consultations for companies I see a lot of directors not even knowing the names of their employees. It can be hugely demotivating for a employee to know that their boss doesn’t even know their name, yet alone who they are and what their role is within the business.

Directors should treat staff as individual and consider little chit chats in lifts and lunches to get to know their staff and treating them as friends. Therefore it is important to get to know who works for you and what their role is within the business regardless of their status.

Tips to Recruit the Best Factory Workers

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In the current day and age, industries have expanded all over the globe and are striving to be the best when it comes to providing quality services especially in the manufacturing and plastic containers industry. This is the reason why industries are always on the lookout for employees who can increase the quality and quantity of the services that the companies offer to customers.

But when it comes to choosing the employees, what are the factors that you need to take into account in order to ensure that the person on the other side of the table is the right one for the job? We have put together a list of the factors, which will help you in picking the best factory workers who will increase productivity and become an integral part of the success story.

5 Tips of Recruiting the Best Factory Staff

Engineers working at chemical plant standing in front of storage tanks. Focus on man in foreground, with head tilted.

Engineers working on factory site

  1. Effective communication The ability to express your persona is something that matters most to the employers. If you are not able to reflect your true persona just because you don’t have the right words to make that happen, you definitely need to work on it before you sit on the other side of the table across the person who has the power to take you or let you go.If you think the person you are interviewer is good when it comes to expressing themselves, then you are talking to the right person for the job.
  1. Determination Always look out for people who are confident when it comes to making a commitment. There are some who will always be on the lookout for a way to fool you by showing themselves off as overconfident, but you have to make the judgement call.On the other hand, there are some who are not exactly able to communicate well, but when it comes to work, they always make sure it is delivered within the deadline.
  1. Past experience The past experience of an employee must always be discussed in an interview, but you need to know whether they are legitimate or not. Make sure you have all the documentation that supports what the interviewee is saying in the interview and try to be interrogative with certain points that might challenge the attitude of the prospective employee.
  1. Goal setting Setting goals is very important, but even more important the ability to strategize and come up with goals that are reasonable. This is where most people tend to blow it out of proportions and start becoming unrealistic. If you are swayed by their confidence, then you need to pressurize them even more.
  1. Bonding with fellow employees Always ask them how they will be bonding with other employees and what all things do they expect to learn from the working atmosphere. Companies usually prefer employees who have the ability to interact with people of all age groups.Every interviewee should be evaluated mentally as to whether they are capable of representing the company if such an opportunity comes by. Bonding is important especially in a place where there is heavy machinery working, as you must reply on your fellow employees.

Work Safely Around Heavy Machinery

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Construction workers have been considered as the backbone of our society since medieval ages. From providing us with houses, to building safer roads and schools educating millions of children all around the world every year, these people have turned out to be the core of modern civilisation. Probably every building you see has been constructed together by builders, architects, engineers and especially laborers after months of planning.


Heavy Machinery being Loaded

But if you are working at a construction site, you definitely know that you have one of the most hazardous jobs where a mishap can occur at the drop of a hat. Every year, there are close to 150,000 injuries or even more when it comes to construction jobs. Close to 850 people lost their lives at construction sites all over the world in 2013 alone. Since you work from one place to other, you know for sure that the chances of you losing your life are always high. And this is what brings us to the main concern behind this article.

How exactly can we work safely in an environment where we are operating next to heavy machinery? Your first step to safety relies totally on your judgement as you will know that one of the most important precautions to be taken at construction sites is to wear the proper gear and equipment that can keep you safe from an accident to a great extent. Also, the people who are operating these goliath machines have to be skilled and experienced enough to know what can go wrong.

At least 55% of all accidents on construction sites take place due to faults in machines or the way in which the machines are operated. Since these figures are alarming, I have come up with five tips that will ensure your safety at construction sites.

How to Work Safely Around Heavy Machinery

  1. Invest money in training

    It should be mandatory for all the people working at such sites to be properly trained for the equipment, which they are handling. Some of the machines require complex methodologies for proper functioning and these are highly technical in nature. Each one comes with its own set of attributes and quirks, which the person operating the machine needs to be thoroughly acquainted to.You need to master your machine properly in order to know how it can be operated in the best way. Each and every control should be mastered; otherwise a minor misjudgement can lead to someone losing his or her life because of you.

  1. Proper inspection of machines on a routinely basis

    Every heavy machine has almost thousands of parts that are moving at the same time, so they always have to be in the best condition during operation. If you inspect your machines on a routinely basis, then you have a better chance of avoiding a mishap.

  1. Calculated approach

    Every project has deadlines especially when it is a construction project, so all the people working on the project will experience stress in meeting deadlines and getting the work done. Unfortunately majority of the accidents that happen at construction sites are due to people moving fast. Since prevention is better than cure, thus it is always best to avoid an injury.Ensure that you are absolutely safe and comfortable with the machines that you are using. The worst thing is to rush at a job and that is where your vulnerability of getting injured increases. You need to plan your approach well in advance in order to avoid mishaps, so you should consider slowing down. In addition to that, there are umpteen distractions at a construction site and all you need is one to get injured.

  1. Stay vigilant

    There are loads of operations happening at a construction site at any given point of time. This always keeps the possibility of a disaster high. People have fallen from high places, electrical mishap or hazards of excavation operations. You need to figure out the workers who are not following safety procedures and make them aware of the policies that are followed.

  1. Effective communication

    Communication is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. In order to make reasonable goals, you need to express yourself in the best way, and this is something which most of the construction workers fail to do. You need to look out for the workers who are discarding safety features and make sure that the communication is efficient to safeguard the lives of every person who is involved in this hazardous job.